60 mg nic salt reddit

I'm buying a caliburn X and i'm not sure what ohm pod to go with. I use a 20mg 60/40 nic salt. I've been using 0.9 A2 pods for a while. Any help.

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6mg Nic salts would be ideal to get your nicotine from a dripper without the harshness. 2 Reply brokecox • 4 yr. ago I know that SoCal vapes acai Berry lane are all delicious and are made from salts. Vapor dna had all three on clearance for 7.99/60 mil, I'm just hoping it's still available Friday and I'm ordering all they have left in 6.👅👅👅 2.




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No more crazy, senseless, money making and selling 50 mg disposables to kids. They would be much happier with less nicotine they hust dont know it better. The kids should be allowed to get a lower percentaged one first. If they like they can go up with the nicotine later on. They shouldnt have to buy dirty unregulated fake ones....